Ryding is a new detached home in the Junction on the west side of Toronto. The home is designed to fit into a neighbourhood in transition, along a busy train line, with a mature park opposite.  The house is designed to conform to the City of Toronto Zoning Bylaws and therefore did not require any planning approvals. The Building Permit was obtained without delays.


This architecture is defined by a dramatic privacy/solar screen on the south facade which filters the home from the street and allows for lots of south facing glass. The main floor is organized around a 3 storey floating stairwell and a floating wood box which separates the living area from circulation and secondary spaces including a powder room. The second floor features a master suite and two identical ensuite bedrooms with a shared balcony. The third floor loft is a private oasis for the owners and also has a south facing roof deck.


The home was built by the owners and their exceptional attention to detail is evident all around.
Year: 2017
Type: Residential / New Construction
Service: Design
Location: Toronto, ON, CA
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